Non-dairy Creamy of Anything Soup

veggie soupDairy has been an ongoing struggle in our house for a few years now. Mostly because we love it and can’t digest it. Unfortunately, it looks like half of our family is lactose intolerant. So this summer’s mission #1 is to find healthful snacks and substitutes to lead a dairy-free lifestyle. For me, an avid cheese lover this is a challenge to put it lightly. We’ve been eating low-dairy for about four years, but now it’s time to cut it out entirely. While I spent a solid hour in Whole Foods looking for easy-to-send-to school snacks, it really hit me that dairy is in everything! If you’re in the same boat as me, just learning how to eat dairy-free, check out the link here to a wonderful resource with plenty of reviews of products as well as recipes.

As tough as it seems to weed the dairy out of a kid’s diet, I think that kid’s are much more adaptable that adults in some respects. One of my favorite things to eat during the winter is soup. It just warms my belly up! If you’ve been following this blog for the past three years you probably have notice a bunch of soup recipes because I LOVE SOUP! I’ve posted already a few non-dairy soup recipes, like Tipsy TomatoLentil Chorizo, White Bean, and Pasta e Fagiloi but this time I thought I would post a basic outline so that you can take your favorite veggie and make it into a creamy soup without adding any dairy.

It’s pretty simple really–if you make a simple roux and add some depth of flavor with herbs and spices –one could really be deceived into believing that this is a cream based soup…not an option for our family.

Shopping List:

6 cups of fresh chopped veggies (corn, broccoli, carrot, red pepper all work well)

6 cups of vegetarian stock (I like the Trader Joe’s brand)

3 tablespoons of flour

2 cloves garlic

salt, pepper

1/4 cup of fresh herbs (Favorites in our family are corn and rosemary; carrot and curry; red pepper and basil; broccoli and nutmeg.)

Instructions;:In a large stockpot simmer the veggies you select with the stock and garlic until the vegetables are pretty soft.

  1. Let the soup cool for about 15 minutes off the heat and the use an immersion blender or a regular one to puree the vegetables until they are a smooth consistency. Know that some veggies, like celery, are rather tough in this step, unless you have already removed the strings.
  2.  In a small bowl, mix together flour with water until it creates a slurry. Slowly incorporate this into your blended soup.
  3. Bring the soup back to a hot temperature. As you cook the flour your soup will thicken. Then serve and enjoy!

Serves: 4-6

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