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Brownie Cookies

P1050067New Year’s Resolution #2: Do not make these cookies more than twice a year. Yes, they are that dangerous.

Secret: I am NOT a chocolate lover. I know…gasp…right? It’s not that I don’t like chocolate, it’s just that I don’t prefer it over other fruit-based desserts, like lemon bars. Yum. With that said, this is an awesome chocolate cookie recipe. Even I have to “just walk away” from the plate of these cookies. Continue reading Brownie Cookies


Simple Technique: Icing for Cookies

Cookie Icing

I was making cookies for my daughter’s class when I came across this recipe on Our Best Bites for an eggless icing. I am kind of creeped out by using raw eggs, especially for toddlers, so it was perfect since she HAD to have pink icing on her cookies. The trick to making this icing not stick, so that you can stack your cookies, is that you must refrigerate the iced cookies for about 20 minutes before stacking them.

Shopping List:

1 lb. powdered sugar (about 4 cups)

6 Tablespoons milk

6 Tablespoons Karo Syrup (tip: spray your spoon with cooking spray so it slides out easily)

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (or any other flavor you like)

gel food coloring (optional)


1. In a small bowl, sift the powdered sugar. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sifter, although the icing might end up a little lumpy. I sifted about half of the 4 cups and then I gave up. I had to stir a little harder to get rid of the lumps, but no biggy.

2. Add the milk, Karo syrup and extract. Stir together to incorporate all of the sugar and add a splash more milk if is not smooth enough.

3.If you want to color it do it after you have made the white base.

For a more uniform effect dip the cookie in the icing.

4. To frost the entire cookie, it is easiest if you just hold the cookie by its edges and dip its top in the bowl of icing and let it dry on wax paper or a drying rack. To help the icing harden so that you can stack the cookies, place them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Let the excess icing drip off before placing on wax paper or a drying rack.

This recipe makes enough to frost approximately 60 3-inch cookies.